Our History

O’Byrne Distribution Centers, Inc. (ODC) is a leading provider of logistics services such as inventory management, order picking, fulfillment, assembly, storage, and transportation for companies seeking to take advantage of the many benefits of outsourcing their supply chain functions.

ODC is truly a classic American entrepreneurial success story.
Founded in 1965 by Thomas S. O’Byrne, an immigrant from Ireland, ODC faced many of the early struggles which typically confront a fledgling business. But with persistence and hard work O’Byrne managed to win and keep the business of such market leaders as General Electric, Hershey’s, Thomas J. Lipton Foods, Maytag, M&M Mars Candy, Philip Morris U.S.A., R.J. Reynolds, Brown & Williamson, and others.

ODC’s early success came because of our willingness to provide services which others weren’t, and because of our commitment to performing all of our services with the utmost attention to quality and detail. Maintaining this combination of unique services and attention to quality and detail has allowed ODC to thrive as changes in the marketplace have placed new and higher demands on distribution systems.

More and more customers require tighter inventories with more SKUs as well as quicker deliveries of smaller and more frequent orders. ODC is proud to stand out as the logistics partner that can be counted on to manage the details and the demands of the modern supply chain while allowing its customers to focus solely on their core business.

Today ODC has multiple food-grade facilities and handles the distribution of over 12,000 SKUs and over a BILLION dollars worth of our customers’ products each year. We embrace the mission of giving our customers a very real advantage over their competitors by delivering their products to the marketplace faster, more accurately, and in better condition than any of their competitors.